From an early age I spent most of my time adventuring outdoors. The son of a park naturalist, I would spend my summer vacations, weekends, and most of my free time exploring the woods of Cuivre River State Park and the hills of the Missouri Ozarks. I found myself trying to constantly answer the questions "what is around the next bend or over the next hill", which kept me incredibly busy. This curiosity about the natural world led to explore deeper into the woods, to places that were off the trail and 'unexplored'. At a young age, it felt like I was exploring in areas off the map, charting new courses, with new discoveries to be made. 


Fast forward a few years and here in the Colorado mountains the alarms ring early, snooze buttons are hit, and that same curiosity of world is strong enough to roll me out of bed. Its strong enough to get me out of the car when its being rocked by winds/snow in the dark depths of winter, strong enough to get me in a time-machine to ride horses with Kazakh Eagle Hunters in Western Mongolia, to have lost feelings in my fingers shooting ice climbing at night high in the mountains with a group of veterans, and strong enough to keep my head held high when the realization google earth is my best friend. 


This is the reason I feel at home, that my photography focuses on locations that are off the beaten-path, unexplored, overlooked, and difficult to access. That is what I hope comes through the most when you view my gallery, that great care and effort was taken to show off unique and wild areas. That my photography is unique outdoor imagery mixing fine art and adventure in inventive ways. And above all, we live on an amazingly beautiful planet and everyone should get to see it.

With the diverse nature of my imagery, my client base is also diverse. From established outdoor companies, to national publications, valuable nonprofits, and prints in homes around the country. Below is a sample of those clients:


Outdoor Companies:

Big Agnes, Osprey Packs, Lifestraw, Clif Bar, Mountain Hardwear, Mountain Standard, Princeton Tech


Forbes, Huffington Post, 5280 Magazine, 5280 Traveler, Washington Post, Elevation Outdoors, Colorado Life Magazine, Matador Network, 303 Magazine, Denver Westword


The Wilderness Society, Girl Trek, Veterans Expeditions, Lung Cancer Colorado Fund


Osprey Blog, Big Agnes 2020 Catalog, Huffington Post, The Outbound Collective


Here is an example of my writing, a blog post in collaboration with Osprey Packs about my photography journey and working with the non-profit group Veterans Expeditions:  

Osprey blog post


To get a better sense of how Eric approaches his photography, check out an EMMY AWARD winning feature on Denver's NBC station. Please follow the link below:

Feature on Eric Schuette Photography


Thanks so much for reading, looking forward to hopefully chatting further!




(photo by Breanna Wilson)