Flatiron Sunrise

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There are few more iconic rocks in Colorado than the Flatirons of Boulder. Ease of access, good trails albeit steep trails, and a variety of activities you can do in the area all contribute to their popularity. However, the rocks themselves are the real stars and steal the show every time. 


Although there are several popular viewing locations, the most classic view of the flatirons is from Chautauqua Park. Although it's an amazing view, its been shot millions of times and does not allow for the same level of connection as a hike up amongst the flatirons themselves provides. The views and variety of images that can be made up there is really amazing.


Recently I hiked up for a certain image I had wanted to shoot for quite some time. The problem with trying to get that image, is that you need very specific conditions for it too work. After several recent snowstorms I thought those conditions just might exist. So an early alarm and very steep trail later I was up behind the first flatiron. Unfortunately, the shot I had envisioned didn't quite work but several other interesting shots did. As I mentioned before, the opportunities are endless up there....


I also added a little video of the morning below. Hope you enjoy! 


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The video:


FL 2-14_


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